Truth and Justice Commission     "Boldness Beyond Talk & Parades"

FarmerTeacher 1920

The Truth and Justice Commission (TJC) is a court-like restorative justice body assembled  to include members of all  ethnicities to look at the institutions, educational bodies, churches, unions and historical figures tied to slavery, confederate monuments, trafficking, economic slavery, lynchings, the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow. 

Victims of gross human rights violations are invited to give statements about truth and history of bigotry and racism from the American Revolution all the way up to Jefferson Davis, the Confederate Democrats,  Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon B Johnson and Jimmy Carter.

The purpose of the commission is to to foster, protect and promote the welfare and justice for working families by bringing together mindful citizens into an organization to promote excellence, achievement and smart policies which benefit and protect Colorado and USA Citizens and Global Citizens.

The purpose of the Commission is also create awareness and to inform the public on any issues that relate to maximizing opportunites for all people, increasing human potential, empowerment, goob working conditions, safe streets, law and order, and environmental policy that helps familes, including  sustainable tax policy, educational policy, global ethnic harmony, anti-discrimination, and constructive legislation etc.

The purpose is also create awareness and to inform the public on any issues that relate to helping people be their best, helping others find their path with work, social justice, sustainable working conditions, tax policy, and  environmental policy that helps families, teachers, farmers, and workers in general.  This will be done as part of the Global Social Justice Institute's endorsement process in each county and state.

The goal of the TJC is to work with companies, governments, and families  for better treatment of all working people on the issues of: family justice, criminal justice, worker justice, tax justicie, environmental farmer justice, regulation, health care, taxation, environmental rights, education, safety, and retirement benefits along with justice and respect for all working people regardless of religion, creed, or ethnicity.