Fairness and Justice – We are Thinking Like a Working Family on Key Justice Issues

Here is a big list of important and critical justice issues facing citizens today.  This list contains real victims of crime and injustice. Typical social justice warriors harp on 2 or 3 pet causes which are usually related to the political party that they have served for many years.

1.       Justice for Widows and Orphans – All widows and orphans should be viewed with a priority to receive help and justice.

2.       Justice for Violence and Rape Survivors – Victims of Violence and Rape should be provided care and assistance while helping them bring justice against the offenders. Pre-meditated rape of a child should be punishable by death.

3.       Racist Justice - Historical Truth and Justice against universities, politicians, unions, political organizations, churches, seminaries,  and the KKK to expose bigotry and structural hatred against Asians, Africans, The Irish, Sicilians, Arabs, and Native Americans and any of the 3000 or more ethnicities in the world.

 Justice – Justice for victims of crimes whether it is violent crime or financial crimes.

4.       Victims of Murder Justice – There are countless people in cities around this nation who have lost loved ones to violent crime.  Families who are victims of murder should receive special affirmative action benefits in the USA.

5.       Justice for Injured Children – Child molestation continues to be a problem and with the global priest child molestation problems, there is much work to be done to put offenders in jail.

6.       Educational Justice  -  All children of working families should have access to education.   The cost of college education should be paid by all taxpayers. People deserve quality education that is blind of racial divisiveness.  Too many working people are required to  pay 2-3 times the real cost of education while others are getting education for free.

7.       Economic Slavery and Tax In-Justice – People should not be taxed in a way which prevents them from feeding their children and paying their mortgages.  In some regions of the USA, city, county and state tax is enough to bankrupt some families. Also, those who work more hours than their co-workers should not have to pay a higher tax rate. Working Americans should not be triple taxed on earnings before spending it on health related or educational products and services.

8.       Family Rights Justice – Families should maintain their rights to limited government intervention.

9.       Entrepreneur Justice– Justice for workers,  inventors, entrepreneurs and employers where the regulation and tax structure is fair enough to launch a company and employ workers.

10.   Faith Justice – Government, charity, or political groups should not infringe on the rights of people of faith. Civil rights of all people should be protected.

11.   Media Justice – Intentional and targeted defamation by any member of the media should be a federal crime. Too many American business owners are going bankrupt due to faulty and negligent press.

12.   War Crimes Justice – With unauthorized entry into Syria, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine ,2009-16 the USA needs more diplomacy and less corruption and waste.

13.   Consumer Justice – People who have already paid 30-50% tax on the money they have saved should not be gouged again by universities and other organizations who which penalize working families while there is no tax on free benefits provided by charities or schools.

14.   Immigration Fairness Justice – Voters deserve a democratic immigration from countries that represent the taxpaying citizens of the USA. 

15.   Employment Justice – People who pay taxes as citizens should have a equal opportunity for all jobs available in the USA.

16.   Health Care Justice – Working families who pay retail prices for health care should be able to receive speedy medical care for themselves or children so they can maintain health and go back to work. Health care costs for working moms and dads is up about 300% during Obama while millions get health care for free for not working or scaling back their hours.

17.   Pollution Justice – Large cities continue to emit dangerous pollution which affects suburbs, crops, and the countryside.  Large cities should pay their fair share in mitigating pollution.  In recent years, large cities are moving coal burning and nuclear plants into the suburbs which affects the health of all people outside of cities.

18.   Citizens’ Right Ethnic Social Justice – For decades that US Federal Immigration law has stipulated that people should not be discriminated against due to ethnicity or culture.  People from the Midwest, South or Northwest should not be discriminated against by Fortune 500 companies due to a persons place of birth, state of emigration, accent, or cultural tastes.

19.   Racism Social Justice – The democrat party leadership lost the civil war and was complicit for over 100 years in slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, segregation, and the KKK.  Structural racism was created under democrat party leaders. It is time for the democrat party to apologize and pay reparations and disband their political party just like the National Socialist NAZI party was disbanded after they lost  World War II.

20.   Addiction Justice – For whatever reason, Obama allowed over 500,000 drug deaths during his presidency.  The deaths were a 500% increase during his job term.  One million lost a child or parent under Obama due to toxic drugs coming into the USA from abroad.  More died in Obama’s last year of office than during all of Vietnam.

21.   Diplomacy Justice – In the recent 25 years, Obama and others got us into war and conflict due to faulty diplomacy. Obama put the USA into Syria, Libya, Yemen, and the Ukraine conflicts.  This lack of diplomacy costs trillions from working families. This money could be used to provide medicine for children, help for widows and orphans, and education for the needy.

22.   HPSPWM – Heterosexuals, Parents, Singles, Platonics, Widows and Orphans.  – There are various groups of people including those who have: the desire to have children, the desire stay single or abstinent, love others without sex, remain a widow, or be MWC Married without Children. All of these people should be respected for their beliefs and desires and should not be denied any civil rights.

23.   Brain and Performance Disparity – There are millions of mostly functional children and adults who suffer from various challenges such as:  Generalized Anxiety, ADHD, Recovering Alcoholics, BiPolar, Recovering Addicts, Physical disability, and other disorders. Generally speaking, most of these functional folks compete with others who do not suffer from any disability and others who may have some affirmative action assistance.

24.   Military and Law Enforcement Justice – All active or honorably discharged military and former law enforcement officers should have access to higher education and jobs. Widows and orphans of military and or police should have special benefits and tax breaks from the city, state and federal governments to pay off debts, mortgages, and loans.

25.   Worker Benefits Justice – There are thousands of Working American’s each year who become disabled at fault of their own.  Uninsured Disabled workers should receive assistance, rehab, food, shelter, and helped to get back on their feet to work again.

26.   Micro Aggression In-Justice – Teachers and Ministers should not be allowed to discuss politics or hate speech in church or in the classroom unless it is a civics course. The use of religion or social justice to shame or harm children or elderly based on their beliefs or color of their skin should be strictly prohibited.

27.   Human Rights – All people regardless of the color of their eyes or skin should be treated equally.  While Eurasians represent 80% of the world population, people of Eurasia represent thousands of ethnicities, over 100 nations, and over 5 billion people.

28.   Disabled Persons – Those with disabilities should be able to chose where they want to live in the USA and take their disability to a place where their income will be effective.  Housing outside of urban areas should be made available and skills education should be free online.

29.   Elder Rights – The rights of the elderly should be protected.  Families and parents who have paid into social security all their lives should be guaranteed a place to live in retirement in dignity.

30.   Inner City Poverty and Housing – Costly inner city housing is unaffordable.  Civilians can provide clean quality  living outside of urban areas for ½ the cost and save taxpayers over 50% in housing costs.

31.   Disaster Survivor Justice -  Those who survive major disasters should not be taxed on their losses and repairs.  Survivors should be able to deduct 100% of their losses against city, federal, and state taxes. People should not be bankrupted because of a fire or flood that may have been caused by others.

32.   Water Justice – Large cities around the USA and the world are not paying their fair share to have water brought in from the countryside; thus, depriving farmers of affordable water.

33.   Overpopulation Justice – All scientists credit population issues and inner city smog with the Pollution Programs which they now call:  Climate Flux and Global Warming.

34.   Domestic and International Terrorism Justice – Recent attacks and murders by left-wing, religious extremists in Dallas, Baton Rouge, New York, Philadelphia, and California have cased great concern.

35.   Slums and Blight Justice – Many buildings in urban regions are a toxic detriment to their neighborhoods affecting water and air quality.

36.   Health and Disease – Those with pre-existing conditions would have the right to travel to Mexico, Canada or cheaper countries to receive their medicine or health care at 50-70% off.

37.   Weapons Justice – Keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals would augment the safety of cities for women, men, and children.

38.   Food Justice – The price of food for people in the USA should not be inflated simply because government buyers in large cities are artificially increasing demand or cornering the supply.

39.   Forestation Justice – If inner cities use too much wood for paper and housing, there should be payments made by buyers and suppliers to require re-forrestation.

40.   AIDS Justice –Many each year die worldwide do to the spread of AIDS from being infected by a person who has not disclosed or hidden their disease.

41.   Fuel Justice – Those who use fuel for work, machinery, or transportation should receive a refund from city and state governments to incentivize work.

42.   Sustainable agriculture - allowing farmers to farm in sustainable ways, which means meeting society's food and textile present needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs

43.   Fiscal Security – Workers and the population should be protected against sovereign risk, banking failures, and government overspending which could cause a financial collapse.

44.   Charitable Justice – Governments should encourage charity and not take the place of charities and religion.

45.   Gender Fairness – Every time a person is provided special treatment over another, it can deprive a man or woman of a position, admission, job or benefits. If you mistreat a man, it could affect his spouse and children adversely.  Thus, any form of unfairness, can have negative consequences on family progress for the most qualified applicants.

46.   Trade Justice – Any unfair trade practices by any nation which hurts domestic jobs and undercuts fair competition.

47.   Unemployment Justice – Persons who are self employed or sole proprietorships who lose major clients and revenue should have the same access to unemployment benefits regardless or pre-conditions.

48.   Bankruptcy Justice – Anyone who files bankruptcy and who has paid taxes over 10 years or 40 quarters should have temporary protections for free or discounted health care and housing for themselves or family.

49.   Disorder and Disease Justice – Many people suffer from disorders, syndromes, diseases and other illnesses that are sometimes incurable and lifelong.  There needs to be more accommodations and dignity provided to those who seek equal access.

50.   Benefits Justice – Workers who have been in the private sector should have equal access to benefits that city, state and federal workers can buy into. Workers who have excelled in sports, business, or teaching etc, should have access to heightened benefits if they are disabled or injured after paying a fortune into the Social Security System.

51.   Environmental Racism Justice – People living outside of cities and urban areas should be protected from pollution, garbage dumps, nuclear energy sites, waste, sewerage and other environmental racism from big cities who want to push pollution onto others.