Truth and Justice Commission

The Commission is fighting for the rights of families and workers in these areas:

The Truth and Justice Commission (TJC) is a court-like restorative justice body assembled  to include members of all  ethnicities to look at the institutions, educational bodies, churches, unions and historical figures tied to slavery, confederate monuments, trafficking, economic slavery, lynchings, the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow.

  1. Family Justice -  The government is creating injustice against people with children and needs to do more to protect working families. 

  2. Racial Justice - With the last few presidents failing to unify this country, racial injustice is still enabled by politicians by allowing unfair priviledges for people based on the color of their hair, skin, eyes, or family members. 

  3. Tax Justice - To fight against unfair regulation and tax on workers and small business and to fight against economic injustice. 

  4. Education Justice - Safe/Good schools for all children. - With many schools failing and students graduating without basic math and English competency, the previous leaders have failed us. 

  5. Criminal Justice - To make inner cities more liable and culpable for the crimes. 

  6. Sexual Justice - To protect women and men against violence and rape.  With 90,000 rapes per year under Obama, women in inner cities were not given justice. 

  7. Health Justice - Health costs have doubled for working families under Obama bankrupting many families while free health care is given away to fugitives and people who refuse to work and contribute to humanity.

  8. Monument Justice - Those responsible, inluding any political party, for any monument of hate should be identified and be responsible for the costs of removal of such monuments.