Complicit in Racism and Slavery

On a legal note, companies, charities, and organizations that existed before the Civil War who were complicit in slavery and benefiting from slavery should consider:

  1. Dissolution
  2. Atonement and restitution.
  3. Establishing a victims fund.
  4. Abandoning their company name like the NAZI party has done.
  5. Reorganizing under a new name.
  6. Apologies from the leaders of churches, political parties, and unions that benefitted from slavery.

Organizations such as Political parties, Churches, Seminaries, Unions or companies involved in segregation against Latin Americans, Africans, Native Americans, Sicilians, Irish and other groups should also:

  1. Apologize
  2. Make Atonement
  3. Disolve and reorganize
  4. Set up Victims Funds
  5. Increase diversity polcy to include:  Latins, Asians, Africans, Russians, Arabians, and all ethnicities.